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 Data Sheet


This high performance polyether system is one of a family of polymer systems developed by Northstar Polymers for specific demanding work environments.  Urethane elastomers molded with this system exhibit fine resolution of mold details, excellent performance in wet environments and good resistance to ultraviolet light.  This combination of features makes elastomers molded from MPP-A90A perfect for applications including patterns designed to transfer an image to wet surfaces including concrete and many custom applications.



Typical Physical Properties



Physical Property



Typical Value

Durometer Hardness:

D 2240


Modulus (psi):



100% Elongation:

D 412


300% Elongation:

D 412


Tensile Strength (psi):

D 412


Ultimate Elongation (%):

D 412


Tear Resistance (pli)



Die C:

D 624



D 624


Taber Abrasion (mg loss):

D 4060






Curing Agent:



Typical Processing Conditions



Curing Agent:




Prepolymer Temperature (F):

Room Temperature**

Curing Agent Temperature (F):

Room Temperature**

Mold Temperature (F):

Room Temperature**

Pot Life*(minutes):

8 - 10

De-mold Time*** at 77F (hours):

2 - 3

Complete Cure Cycle*** at 77 F (hours):



 *        Defined as:  a 300 gram sample is too thick to pour.

**       Between 70 F and 90 F.  Higher temperature results faster curing pattern

***     The use of catalyst or higher mold temperature will increase the rate of cure.  Mold may needed to be heated to 100 - 120 F for casting a very thin layer and/or using a heat-absorbing material for mold or inserts.


                                           Prepolymer (A)         Curing Agent (B)


Code Number:                          MPN-023                 PPA-019


Specific Gravity:                          1.173                     1.030


Equivalent Weight:                       226                        194


Stoichiometry:                             1.00                       1.02


NCO/OH Index:                            0.98                       1.00


Weight Pph:                                53.2                       46.8


Weight Ratio:                              1.000                     0.878


Weight Ratio:                              1.139                     1.000


Volume Pph:                                50.0                       50.0


Volume Ratio:                              1.000                     1.000


Volume Ratio:                                      1.000                           1.000



The actual mixing ratio at the operation may need to be adjusted based on the actual stoichiometric ratio calculation.  For machine mixing, the mixing ratio calibration is recommended before the new batch of raw material is used.                           


Please Note: Part-B component (PPA-019) contains some constituents that separate out within the material.  The content of the container must be agitated before dispensing PPA-019.  For pail packages, we recommend stirring just before dispensing if it sits for more than 8 hours.  If it is dispensed continuously to feed a casting machine, we recommend constant agitation while dispensing.


Northstar Polymers, LLC

3444 Dight Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55406

Tel: 612.721.2911

Fax: 612.721.1009

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