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 Data Sheet


MPP-D80B has a high load-bearing property at hardness 80 D Durometer.  This material has a relatively slow curing pattern. Whereas many polyurethane formulations of this hardness cure very fast thus are very difficult to hand-batch or to cast a larger part.  MPP-D80B gives a long pot-life for ease of process. The combination of there properties makes this material ideal for prototyping molding to imitate hard plastic parts. 


The material will cure at room temperature.  However, processing at a slightly elevated temperature (110 - 120 F) will allow faster demolding time to achieve a better production rate.  This material can be processed at either room temperature or using heat.


Note: Heat distortion temperature of this material is relatively low and it is not suitable for application which require load bearing property at an elevated temperature range.


Typical Physical Properties



Physical Property


Typical Value

Durometer Hardness:


Tensile Strength

8,000 psi

Ultimate Elongation (%):


Flexural Strength

10,000 psi

Flexural Modulus

300,000 psi

Heat Distortion (@264 psi load)

140 F





Curing Agent:



Typical Processing Conditions



Curing Agent:




Prepolymer Temperature (F):

Room Temperature**

Curing Agent Temperature (F):

Room Temperature**

Mold Temperature (F):

Room Temperature**

Pot Life*(minutes):

15 - 18

De-mold Time*** at 77F (hours):

8 - 9

Complete Cure Cycle*** at 77 F (days):

2 - 3


 *        Defined as:  a 300 gram sample is too thick to pour.

**       Between 70 F and 90 F.  Higher temperature results faster curing pattern

***     The use of catalyst or higher mold temperature will increase the rate of cure.  Mold may needed to be heated to 100 - 120 F for casting a very thin layer and/or using a heat-absorbing material for mold or inserts.




Mixing Ratio


2: 1 = Part-A: Part-B by volume


1: 0.454 = Part-A: Part-B by weight




The actual mixing ratio at the operation may need to be adjusted based on the actual stoichiometric ratio calculation.  For machine mixing, the mixing ratio calibration is recommended before the new batch of raw material is used.                           


Northstar Polymers, LLC

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