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(Standard Polyurethane Gel)

Shore Durometer OO Hardness Range


This polyurethane gel system has been developed by Northstar Polymers originally to simulate the use of fluids without the potential for leakage. Urethane elastomers molded with this system exhibit longer useful lifetimes than their liquid counterparts such as thickened glycerin pouch filler. Common applications include shoe insoles, pressure-point cushioning parts in seating, keyboard and mouse-pad wrist rests, other impact  dampening and cushioning applications.


Typical Physical Properties

(at A:B = 1:2.2 Mixing Ratio By Weight)


Physical Property


Typical Value

Durometer Hardness:

D 2240

Shore OO 37

Modulus (psi):



100% Elongation:

D 412


300% Elongation:

D 412


Tensile Strength (psi):

D 412


Ultimate Elongation (%):

D 412


Tear Resistance (pli)



Die C:

D 624



D 624


Bashore Rebound (%):

D 2632




Curing Agent:


Processing Conditions\MPP-V37A

Mixing Ratio\MPP-V37A

Processing Instructions for Test Mix

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*This material is formulated in such way that the user can modify the softness of the part easily by change of mixing ratio. Please contact Northstar Polymers for information on the ratio variation.



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Northstar Polymers, LLC

3444 Dight Avenue South

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Tel: 612.721.2911

Fax: 612.721.1009

E-Mail: info@northstarpolymers.com


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