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High Performance Polyurethane Casting Systems

Solid/Non-Foam Casting Resins



Different Classes of Polyurethane Casting Resins


High performance polyurethane casting systems can be categorized by bass polyols used in the system.  The most commonly used base polyols for high-performance class polyurethane casting materials are polyester and polyether polyols. 


Polyester based polyurethane casting systems in general have products that has higher tensile strength, cut/tear resistance, low rebound, and good oil resistance.   The price for this type of formulations are lower than high-performance polyether base polyurethane systems.  Typically, this type of formulation is not recommended for applications with high degree of water contact.

List of Polyester-Base Polyurethane Elastomer Casting Systems


High performance polyether base polyurethane casting systems use a specific type of polyether polyol called PTMEG.  PTMEG polyether base systems have good tensile elongation, high rebound and superior abrasion resistance property against sliding abrasion forces.  

List of Polyether-Base Polyurethane Elastomer Casting Systems


"Full-Prepolymer" System or "Quasi" System


High performance casting systems can also be categorized by the formulation style.  Traditionally, high-performance class casting resins are formulated with "full-prepolymers", which is the one of the two components is a low NCO isocyanate prepolymer and the other is short chain curing agent to cure the material.  This formulation style is proven for a good range of applications for many years. 


However, the recent studies show that for certain range of formulations, "quasi" style of formulating works better.  A "quasi" style formulations uses a high NCO isocyanate prepolymer and larger chain curing agent.  As a "full-prepolymer" has higher viscosity, "quasi" systems can have both prepolymer and curing agent within a low viscosity range at an elevated temperature.  This helps well-mixing of the components; in result, the physical properties of the quasi system is more enhanced.  Quasi formulations have an advantages in softer range casting materials.


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